Yaron studied songwriting, composition and arranging at Rimon College of Music in Israel. Over the past 20 years, Yaron has written hundreds of songs and has collaborated with many artists asĀ  a composer, lyricist or both. Fluent in English and Hebrew, he writes and sings in both and is well versed in different styles of such as Broadway, pop, R&B, folk, rock, and comedy.

* Yaron is currently working on a new and exciting EP that will replace these archaic demos very soon!

Songwriting Samples



Yaron composes and arranges for many mediums including live theater, TV shows and commercials. He is comfortable in many styles and can adapt his sound to different eras and cultures.

Arranging Samples (English)

Arranging Samples (Hebrew)

Composing for Television

  • Original music for the Israeli TV show “After the Flood”

Composing for Theater